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No court date, how is this possible???

Kirkland, WA |

Another person and I were caught shoplifting together. We took about the same amount and were handled by 2 police. Both our pictures/finger prints taken. My officer gave me a sheet of paper (citation) with my my case number etc. Her police discovered a tool in her purse that is used to remove sensors, and told her that her case may be more serious and considered a felony. She recieved her polices business card with her case number written on it,

I recieved my court date when she still hasnt. When I look my name up on the court website, I see my case. When I look up hers, I do not see hers. Is it possible her police lost her case? If hers more serious then mine, why does it seem like her case is not filed? How is this fair? **Can I use this in my jury trial/case to defend myself? **

We are both over 18, her being older than me. It seems ridiculous that my case is filed when it is petty theft and her case is a felony since it has the sensor remover involved. Her appears to not be filed meanwhile mine is. It is because it is still being investigated? We both have recieved the same civil demand letter. I am very upset because she also had previous arrests when she was a juvenile, while this is my first offense. This whole thing is absurd to me as I just dont understand why her case is somehow dismissed! The LP wrote a report of what happened so there is evidence she was involved.

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It is possible her case is going through procedures to determine if a felony should be filed. That is not necessary for a misdemeanor. Nothing about her case will affect yours. You need an attorney, either paid or appointed by the court if you are indigent.

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I agree with the prior response. I would add the following: first, fair has nothing to do with it. Think about getting pulled over for speeding when you are going no faster than everyone else. Doesn't seem fair, but it happens all of the time. Second, your not going to get your case dismissed just because nothing may end up happening to your friend. Again, using my example, one is not going to get their speeding ticket dismissed just because the officer didn't write every other speeder on the road a ticket. Get an attorney and focus on your case.


I would only add two points. 1. Don't talk about this on the Internet. 2. Talk privately with a local Criminal Law attorney near you right away. You need to be sure you don't make the wrong next move for yourself. Thanks for asking and god luck.

This answer is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The law in your state may differ and your best answer will always come from a local attorney that you meet with privately. If you need a Consumer Law attorney, click the link above to find a Consumer Law attorney near you.


Your answer depends upon a lot of unknown factors. First, is the case filed in a municipal, district or superior court? If a local, municipal prosecutor is involved they usual act quickly. Then comes district court. If you are in Kirkland but it is filed in District Court there is a longer review before charging. If she is being reviewed for a felony then an even longer review is likely. This could take months. They will likely have up to two years to decide whether to file charges against her. Your case is separate and unique and it needs to be handled regardless of her status. Whether it is filed or not may affect your trial, depending upon whether she had an involvement that is adverse to yours. Take the time to call an attorney. Most will meet with you to discuss your case without any fee.


I agree with the previous answers. Talk to a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not talk to anyone else about your case. Do not discuss it with your "friend." Don't feel like she is getting off. They are probably considering burglary due to the tool and possibly due to her prior history, if it is theft related.

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