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No Contact Order,Pending Charges

Minneapolis, MN |

Does anybody know if a no contact order or pending charges show up on a employment background check?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Depending on the thoroughness of the background check, it's possible, or you may be required to self-disclose.

  2. Hello. Employers may use a myriad of businesses (or other entities) to perform background checks, so the results of those background checks definitely vary. Background checks may be initiated through the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). If you apply for certain sorts of jobs, the background check performed likely will be of a greater depth. Based on my many years of experience, certain larger employers tend routinely to perform very comprehensive background checks on all prospective employees. So, the answer to your question is 'it depends'. I do note to you that you should take care in completing job application questions, because providing a false answer in itself may be grounds in itself for you to be denied a job (or later lose a job you've been given). You may have concerns about 'expungement' of an existing criminal record. If you need attorney counsel, some attorneys, myself included, will confer for free, no charge, initially. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys, myself included, will provide a reduced fee for need. All the best.

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