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NJ Careless driving ticket from accident. Is it worth going to court. Will my insurance company drop me?

Burlington, NJ |

I was at a stop sign behind another vehicle (both of us making a right onto a 3 lane road) the vehicle in front proceeded to go. I checked traffic and felt it safe to proceed so did and when turned my head forward realized the other vehicle stopped and I hit him. He changed his mind and decided traffic was coming to fast; however, my perception was it was safe to proceed?? No injuries, no damage to other vehicle, but my vehicle has bumper/light damage. I don't believe I have ever had points on my license and haven't been involved in an accident in 30 years. Is it worth going to court for 2 points (fine is $85). Will my insurance company drop me?

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Whether your insurance company will raise your rates or take any action is something you need to discuss with them. As to the ticket, you could plea to the summons, take the 2 pts and low fine, and then take a safe driver course to forgive the 2 pts; or, try to get the prosecutor to amend the summons to unsafe driving, 0 pts, but fines and surcharges of at least $400.00. Good luck.

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