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NJ Business Code for Freelance Writer

Neptune, NJ |
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I am getting prepared to fill out my NJ_REG form and in the space for the business code, I am not sure what to put. I am a freelance writer. Does "word processing" count as what I do? That is the closest writing-related topic I could find on the list of codes. Otherwise, would I use 2700 (misc services)?


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I don't have the form in front of me, but you are certainly not a word processor. When in doubt, use the one that most closely fits what you do. Based upon what you have posted, miscellaneous sounds close to the correct answer. You should consult a lawyer for a more definitive answer. Use the find a lawyer feature to locate one near you.

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You describe yourself as a freelance writer. This is not a word processor unless you earn income from doing so. If still in doubt, contact NJ Treasury Department, your accountant or a tax lawyer. Best of luck to you with your writing career.

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Do the best you can as this is not a reallynot that significant but call the state and they can ghelp

Jeffrey Jay Brookner

Jeffrey Jay Brookner


I would not waste money paying for an attorney to answer this question. If none of the listed categories match what you are doing, you should use the "miscellaneous services" option.

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