New US citizen petitioning for family members here on very expired visitor visas - Can it be done?

Asked over 1 year ago - Riverside, CA

I recently because a US citizen. I have two children I brought here in 2007 on visitor visas which has obviously expired. Along with them my parents came here too - also on visitor visas. Now I am trying to correct everything. Does anyone know if the proper steps to adjust my childrens statuses? In addition - what can I do to petition for my parents? Is there anything I can do? I am unsure if I would qualify at the noted financial level but they are my primary babysitters while I am working.

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** I should clarify - I am unsure if I would qualify to sponsor both parents because I am certain I do not meet the financial requirements

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  1. Tripti Sharad Sharma


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    Answered . As a U.S. citizen you can petition for parent and children. Having said that it is very important you seek professional help before you file the petition and/ or before your relatives plan to leave the U.S.

    This response is general in nature and cannot be construed as legal advice, given that not enough facts are known.... more
  2. Natalia Polukhtin

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    Answered . You do not provide enough information to give you a complete answer. Generally, if your children are under 21, you should be able to get a legal status for them, as well as for your children. You need to meet with an immigration lawyer to evaluate your income and assets to make sure that you have financial capacity to sponsor all your family members. Otherwises, you may find a co-sponsor.

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  3. Eric Elliot Ludin

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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Randolph. Considering what is at stake and how important it is that this be successful, you really need to talk to an attorney and run these issues by him/her. The attorney should help prepare the petitions as well.

  4. Justin G. Randolph

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    Answered . You shouldn't try this alone. Use an attorney. How old are the children?

    My answering this question does not form an attorney-client relationship. Always retain a qualified attorney... more

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