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New,robbed,court,neighbors friends of criminals harassment, crim trespass police know old residents: lane discovered private:

Houston, TX |

Need attorney to assist with police ignoring trespass, harassment, DA prosecuted two criminal cases partial dismissal due to incompetence meanwhile as new residents we continue to be harassed.

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Because your question has been viewed 35 times but never answered leads to the conclusion I agree with - it is very confusing & there is not enough information (or there is information which you misunderstood) in the question. If someone is incompetent, they cannot be put to trial and they cannot enter a plea. Their competence must be restored. If you feel harassed by the police, you can file a complaint with the internal affairs department. However, prior to doing so, I would suggest that you document whatever harassment is occuring by videotape, photographs, witnesses, etc. Most lawyers will give you a free consultation if you call them to schedule an appointment. If you feel that you are incompetent, there are resources in Houston, Texas, to help you, whether or not you have insurance. Good luck.


I'm going to take a different perspective than my colleague did. I am going to assume that you believe that the case was partially dismissed due to professional icompetence by either a) the police department's investigation and/or b) the way that the case was prosecuted/handled by the DA's office.

If you believe that the investigation was handled poorly than your recourse is merely to take you complaint to the investigating officers' supervisor and ultimately if not satisified work your way up the food chain to your township/city council with your complaint.

If you believe that the DA bungled the job than the only thing you can do is attempt to make an appointment with someone is the district attorney's office who has supervisory authority and discuss the situation with him/her.

Lastly, if you believe that you continue to be a victim of a crime that the police will not properly investigate and the DA will not prosecute due to friendships, etc. consider taking your complaint to the Attorney General's office; of, you could initiate civil proceedings yourself against the trespassing parties, via civil lawsuit, restraining orders, etc.

Overall, though most lawyers are probably not going to be willing to get involved in this type of matter because quite frankly the potential client, (yourself), is not going ot be willing to pay the type of retainer and fees that the lawyer is going to require of you.

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