Neighbor's sprinklers wetting our cars & ruin paint job

We live in a small unit apartment in California. We also have a neighbor behind us in which they run their sprinklers 3x daily their plants. Our cars are parked and are being wet every single day. We have taken pictures and videos for proof to show our manager. We asked our manager to speak with the neighbor's manager to stop this because it is bothering us, not to mention it is hard water that is ruining our car's paint. It seemed to us that our manager did his best but the neighbor still disobeyed. My wife and I went there ourselves and spoke with the manager ourselves but the manager seems to be very disrespectful and rude. He said that they have been doing it for a while; it's just water. I asked him nicely that we were advise to file small claims for damages but he took as a threat.

Glendale, CA -

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Sagar P. Parikh

Sagar P. Parikh

Real Estate Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA

Have you tried talking to the neighbor's directly or talking to the neighbor's manager? If that doesn't work, you can have an attorney write a letter as this would be a potential nuisance claim.

Pardis Patrick Ashouri

Pardis Patrick Ashouri

Real Estate Attorney - Tarzana, CA

Write a letter and document it to the neighbor and neighbor's landlord. Not manager but the landlord. Talking often does not get attended to. If there are losses then small claims court would seem to be the venue.

What do you do when it starts raining? Not that we have had much of that lately!

Good luck.

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Shawn B Alexander

Shawn B Alexander

Real Estate Attorney - Olga, WA

I agree with the previous answers and send notice in writing to the property owner of record. It is technically a trespass, but in reality it is a waste of water to water cars. If you do not get a response take the owner to small claims court. However you will have to prove damages , and that will require an expert and some bids for repair.
Good Luck

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