Neighbor malicious behaviour. Water runoff dispute.

Next door neighbor altered elevation on his property 15yrs ago. Water has run off 15ft on southside of my home and also backwashes his pool on my south side and also runs stormwater off his pool southside and his gutters are aimed at my home southside. I have had enough. Asking him to stop did noy help. The town manager won't help me stop this.

Saint John, IN -

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Guy Henry Haskell

Guy Henry Haskell

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Bloomington, IN

He is legally responsible to mitigate damage to your property originating on his property. The difficult part will be litigating this 15 years after he altered the elevation. Nevertheless, he is responsible for the proper disposal of his waste water. I don't think it's the town manager's responsibility here.

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