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Neighbor has equine rescue service next door. We are zoned A-70 . Is this a code violation or do I learn to live with it?

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Horses coming and going, lots of dust, flies . I paid $500,000 for my house, never thinking a rescue service would be next door. I live on a private road.

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  1. I suggest contacting your local planning/development department and asking if this action complies

  2. Contact your local planning/development department and they can tell you what local codes allow. If there is a violation then you would report this to the same department as a code violation.

  3. Check with your local planning department on what is allowed. Even if the horse rescue is not a violation, it must be done properly, and should not cause a health issue. So you may also want to check with your environmental health department.

    This response is not to be construed as establishing an attorney-client relationship, and provides general information on the subject at hand only.

  4. In your area, the type of use you describe could in fact be allowed. Sometimes, a special permit might be required. Check with your county and ask. They will tell you if it is allowed and if there were any permits obtained.

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