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Neighbor harassment, rights under IL state law

Mchenry, IL |
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Here are a few of recent incidents; although there are numerous incidents throughout the past few years involving his intent to harass, scare, or annoy us.
He has climbed a tree which was on his property line and began cutting branches that hand 15-20ft over our property, we the intent of letting them fall on our garage and car. When I asked him to find a way to safely remove the limbs without damaging garage or vehicle, he said he can do whatever he wants. Then he threatened to climb down the tree and kick my a@$. I asked if every time I stepped out of my home that he was going to kick my a@$, He replied that it’s going to be a lot worse and then went on about doing it the old school way. He then got a pole saw and began reaching out another 8 ft to cut branches.
When I called th

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Call the police. Make incident reports. Make the bully shut up. Get a restaining order and serve him to say 100% on his lot line. Stand up to the bully. Until you do, it will never, ever stop. Use the law, i.e. police and courts to vindicate your rights.

If this is gone on for years, you have lots of years to catch up upon.

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Sounds like a horrible situation. You have a few options. I would recommend calling the police first. That way the situation is documented. Your neighbor may also get arrested for disorderly conduct or perhaps criminal damage to property (if any was harmed). I would call EVERYTIME he does something like what you are describing. Eventually the police will get tired of the reports and take action. Next, you can petition for a restraining order. You could file requesting he stop threatening you and attempting to/damaging your property. That option will of course cost you attorney's fees.

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