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Neighbor calling police making false statements

Urbana, IL |

What if anything can be done to a neighbor that called the police on me and said I threw bb's at his mobile home.I had some run ins with him and another neighbor last year,whom have since moved,but I fear that he is trying to start trouble this year.Is there an injunction or can I file charges against him for false police reports or harassment ?I dont want the police at my door every night accusing me if doing this.

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You are on the right path in your thinking. Protect yourself by using the police to get your side of the dispute on record. Show the neighbor his empty accusations will be met with diligence on your part to protect your rights. If the police continue to record that you are not the person involved in the bb throwing and his are empty threats, soon they will be important allies for you.

Next steps beyond this will require more details so perhaps see a local lawyer when the time arrives to do so.

Good luck.

God bless.

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