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Needing help in understanding the uccjea in missouri.

Springfield, MO |

left missouri 7 months pregnant from abusive alcoholic husband. no one will listen to me. Went to florida had baby in august. husband has me served in july for divorce. Stay in Florida got Drivers licence their, plan to stay. Had a bad delivery.. Judge in MO. ordered me to let my husband have him for the weeken in Sarasota, Fl. 5 hours away from were I was. Did not do it. How did that judge have the right to order me to do anything with my child. had to leave Fl. for 1 mth. to help mother with my father in texas for heart problem. My parent s left missouri with me to help me in florida. We only went to texas temporary not for good, plan to go back to florida. Judge in Mo. had my breast feeding baby habeas corpus out of texas. I am so devestated. what can I do?

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Respectfully, you need far more than "help understating the uccjea in Missouri." You are long past needing the precise advice and representation by an experienced and adept Missouri family law practitioner. It's not really much of a mystery. The Missouri judge had jurisdiction over you an the baby because you lived there and left. The Missouri judge changed the custody of your baby because you defied his/her specific order to provide custodial access. There is no reason to be confused. Before you dig your hole any deeper and end up in jail for your contempt, find a way to retain Missouri counsel.

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