Need to know information on background checks for visas overseas

Asked over 1 year ago - Suffolk, VA

I was wondering what does a background check for a visa to another country that requires it consist of, meaning what do they search for in background checks, and how to know if will get the visa? I might need a visa to live and possibly also possibly work in a countries or country that requires it.

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  1. Angela Michele Cavanaugh

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    Answered . It really depends on what country you are attempting to obtain a Visa in. I would start by contacting the Embassy directly but you can rest assure that there will be a criminal background check.

  2. Luca Cristiano Maria Melchionna

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    Answered . This is an international and visa issue. A visa originally was a 'stamp' that a country posed on your travel documents to demonstrated that it 'saw' you are the border. Over time it has been transformed into a 'permit' to enter a specific country. The latitude of background checks is really up to any country. There is no limit or guarantee in this scrutiny process. Please consider that each country has the power to grant or reject a permit to enter. In addition, certain countries tend to have intense collaborations and exchange of information. If this is the case, the spectrum of information exchange is deep and detailed. Best

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  3. Todd Matthew Heine

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    Answered . I generally start off by explaining that 95% of immigration law is the same in any country. The specific rules and procedures are different in every country, but the general structure is practically similar.

    You can thus in most cases get help from a domedtic immigration lawyer to walk you through the general structure of outbound immigration. You must:

    The 5% of difference is where you need local compliance to secure the visa. We work with local professionals to reduce the costs and risks of outbound immigration. For exampe, in many countries, immigration specialists who are not lawyers provide most of the immigration services.

    We welcome inquiries and free consultations on outbound immigration.

    As an aside: It's been a while since I was in Suffolk. Go Nanesmond River! :)

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