Need to file suit against CPS/DSHS to overturn an illegal adoption of a Federally Recognized tribal child to illegal immigrant.

Asked 10 months ago - Seattle, WA

Child is now 18 and has many questions regarding her illegal adoption to a mexican immigrant and why she was taken violently from her biological mother who is a Federally Recognized enrolled tribal member and child was enrolled expeditely to prevent adopting her out illegally. CPS Mexican social worker handled the process of the illegal adoption, Maria of CPS SEATTLE. They refused to talk to biological mom who went to get her baby back, an attorney and me. They slammed the little door on our faces and refused to talk to us. My daughter just turned 14, one month later she was taken by this mexican man and his mother both here illegally from mexico. They immediately applied for SSI for Maria, not even two days after her biological father was killed in Seattle. They abandoned Mari

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  1. Bruce Clement


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    Answered . You should immediately contact an attorney who has done CPS cases. It’s always best to consult with a good family law attorney to discuss the details before you act. See my AVVO Legal Guides on CPS for more information about the legal issues raised by your inquiry. Although these Legal Guides are often informative, they are no substitute for legal advice from an attorney you have retained for consultation or representation. Click on my photo. On my AVVO home page click on "Contributor Level - View Contributions" or scroll down further and click on "Contribution - Legal Guides." Scroll down the list of my 31 Legal Guides and select the topics relevant to your question. If you like my answer and Legal Guides, please make sure you mark them as “helpful” or “best answer”. © Bruce Clement

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  2. Grace Ruth Kennedy

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    Answered . To overturn an adoption, you will need to find a lawyer in the state that issued the adoption to decree to determine if the law relating to adoption of tribal children was indeed broken.

  3. Kathryn Mary Holton

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    Answered . Is there a question you made a good detailed statement which I would agree with, you need to file suit with a lawyer of course.

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