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Need information on green card processing under EB1

San Francisco, CA |

I am staying in the US on L1A since 2005 and hit my 7 years in November 2012 . My I-94 expires in Jan-2015 while the visa is valid till Jan-2013. The petition is blanket with no expiry date. My company is applying for my green card now (under EB1 with both I-140 and 485 filing concurrently).

1. Do I have to still leave the US when my 7 years complete in Nov'12 or I can stay as long as 485 decision is awaited. Will my company have to apply for L1A extension in this case?

2. If I leave the country after I-140 approval but 485 is pending. Can I re-enter the US upon extended petition. If not will 485 processing still continue as is tor I will have to opt for consular processing abroad? Whats the lead time for CP?

3. Can EB1 apply for premium I-140 processing?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You can remain until you receive a decision on the I-485, and can work using your EAD (employment authorization document). There is no premium processing for transferring managers.

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  2. You can stay until USCIS issues a decision.

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