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Need immediate advice!!! My child is showing signs and saying things that may be related to being molested.

Bay City, MI |

Over the past month and a half my child has started becoming afraid of having her diaper changed. She screams and cries out, "No hurt boo boo!" when myself or her grandmother (my mother), begin to change her diaper. Recently she was in the ER and when the nurses went to do a cath for a urine sample, my child said, "No finger. Please no finger, I be good." Just this week she started to apologize when she pooped in her diaper and has screamed the above words everytime at diaper changes. My childs father and I share placement and custody, but live in different states. My childs father also has her in daycare when she is with him. My childs father does have a history of verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusing myself and other females that he accuses of destroying his life. Please help!!!

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Call cps and the police ASAP.

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Where is the child when with you? Is she in daycare when in your custody? Seems awfully strange to have a child of that age going from one state to another. What is the arrangement with the father? How often does she go to stay with him? Is there a court case involving the paternity of the child or support for the child? If so, and the child is not in the care of a third party when she is with you, then you should consider filing a motion to modify the parenting time until an investigation can be completed regarding your suspicion of molestation. Consult with a family law attorney about your options.
As Mr. Carter suggested, this should be immediately reported to CPS and the police agency in your community. If molestation has taken place while your daughter was in the other state, the prosecution would take place in the area court where the act occurred.

Neil M. Colman

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Take her to her pediatrician for an examination for trauma. Talk to your pediatrician perhaps she or he can assist if learning what has possibly happened to our daughter. She obiviously can communicate to some degree and perhaps can provide some information about what is going on. If there is evidence of physical abuse your pediatrician will likely contact CPS and the police. Whether you want to begin with CPS and the police, is your decision.

In my opinion under no circumstances should this be ignored.

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