Need Help w/ Hostile Work Environment, Disability Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination & Harassment & Slander

Asked about 2 years ago - Portland, OR

3 1/2 yrs employed w/ a Hospital...(still there) but am going through an ongoing situation of all the above fore mentioned w/ no resolution in sight. Involves several UPPER MGMT& SUP's & a MAIN TRAINER. Have attempted to resolve it all...but to no avail. Have taken it to Human Resources, Local Union 555, and even brought in a Shop Stewart...and talked w/ our CEO... (BEFORE) I was warned "I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TALK W/ HIM ANYMORE".
I work in an increasingly HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT and it isn't getting any better...I am at my wits end and don't know what to do anymore...SO MANY WRONGS going on @ this HOSPITAL it isn't even funny!! There is so much more to divulge. Where do I start? Can someone PLEASE set me in the right direction? I cannot fight this battle on my own.
Respectfully, Helen

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    Answered . Dear Helen, the sad truth is that "hostile" work environments are often not unlawful or a basis for legal action. What matters, for purposes of legal analysis, is the reason for the hostility toward you in the workplace. You may want to supplement your post with a few sentences about the origin and reasons for the problem. That may help to enable some meaningful and helpful responses from attorneys here.

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  2. J Christopher Minor

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    Answered . Whether you have a claim depends on all of the circumstances of the problem. It might be worth while for you to make an appointment with an employment law attorney to sort out the situation.

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