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Need help on hours worked by an attorney

Ormond Beach, FL |

I hired an attorney 2 years ago that didn't do anything for me. I got into deeper trouble because he told me to do something and the judge never signed for it so I got contempt of court. The attorney also made me plead guilty to a charge I was innocent to. I was charged a lot of money for this mess. I never got to see the hours he worked or what he did. Question 1..Am I entitled to know the hours he worked on my case? I have been writing him for over 2 years and he wont answer me and ignores me. question 2..Whats the statue of limitation to try to get some money back for work not done on my case.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Question 1 - Yes. Question 2 - depends on what type of arrangement you had with him, oral contract, written contract, or some other legal theory. The various statutes of limitation for various causes of action are listed in CH 95 FL ST, and more than one time frame may apply to your situation. I suggest that you start by going to and contacting the Bar about fee mediation and/or a possible complaint. The attorney has to respond to an inquiry from the Bar.

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