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I signed a lease on January 1st 2013 for a year with my landlord. I was the only Lessee on the Lease and moved in with 2 other roommates. I didnt have a written agreement between the roommates but we verbally agreed in front of the Landlord that we would split the rent. Everything goes fine until 7 months later in July, the LL hands the property over to a property management because there was issues between roommates. The landlord then stops all communication except a text saying "I have handed it over to property management, Good Luck" That day, I get a unprofessional letter from property management company with all the roommates names to pay to the property management, but now in August, property management is coming only after me for rent. they agreed to new contract in august but did

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    Answered . If you're the only person on the lease, then you're the one responsible for the payment of rent. It doesn't matter that your landlord knew that you had 2 other roommates if those roommates were not on the written lease. With no written lease between your roommates and the property management company, they have no obligation to pay. Now, you may have a claim against them for contribution -- but you'd have to prove the existence of the verbal contract between the 3 of you.

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