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Need help avoiding BGE Cut Off I'm ill and so is my Son.

Pasadena, MD |

I applied for EA with CAC in Glen Burnie in October and have called them to find out my status and have gotten nowhere. I have a cut off notice for today, I'm ill and have to have weekly home care, a daughter with Pleurisy and I have a son with NF1. I can't have my power turned off especially with it going into the low 30 and 20's this weekend and week. I need more time so I can get a ride on Tuesday and physically go there to fix this. I was told they would let me know by yesterday and nothing I called and called and left messages. I need power for my pump at night and our nebulizers. We are both also fighting Type A Flu and I’m on a second round of meds because of my condition. The fever and chills are bad and with no heat we will freeze to death. I have no where to go

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Under a Maryland regulation, gas and electric companies must check the 72-hour weather forecast before disconnecting a customer for nonpayment. If the temperature is expected to be 95 degrees or higher (or 32 degrees and lower in the winter), the utility cannot turn off the power.
 Those struggling to pay utility bills should check first with the Office of Home Energy Programs to see whether they qualify for assistance at 800-352-1446. If your household is ineligible for their programs, contact the Office of the People's Counsel at 800-207-4055.

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Thank you I have and we r still waiting to hear a yes or no. They were suppose to ask for a hold and they didn't.