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Need Board Certified Lymphoma Specialist to Get Certificate of Merit for Malpractice Case in Wilmington NC..please help

Wilmington, NC |

My fathers death is directly related to the horrific medical care he received for lymphoma treatment, everything from undertreatment, delays, and undetection. His own doctor created a relapse of a highly curable cancer, not only this but let cancer go undetected during his initial chemotherapy. I could go on and on. No lawyer will touch the case without a certificate of merit which ill gladly pay out of pocket. Could someone please give me some direction as to how to go about this process? Thanks so much!

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No malpractice attorney expects you to walk into their office with a certificate of merit from a qualified Dr. Finding the right qualified Dr. is usually the job of the attorney. If you are willing to pay for the Dr.'s review of the record and his opinion, I am sure a malpractice attorney can locate the appropriate expert and get everything accomplished. I suggest you contact some other personal injury attorneys in the area and tell them you think you have the funds available to pay for a medical review.

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As a general rule it is the attorney who finds the doctor and not the client. If the attorney is telling you he doesn't know of a doctor who will give such an opinion you might try talking to another attorney. Good Luck

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The fact that you say "no lawyer will touch the case without a certificate of merit" says to me that the lawyers you have been talking to think the case isn't worth pursuing. They are using the "certificate of merit" comment as a nice way of saying they aren't interested.

If the case was appealing to a lawyer, the lawyer would spend the time and money to find an expert and get the certificate of merit. There are many reasons why a lawyer might think the case lacks value. You say little about your fathers age, his other health conditions, etc. Also, the cost of pursuing a case such as the one you mention can easily reach or exceed $100,000.00. This doesn't count the contingency fee. So, I'm guessing that lawyers who have already spoken to you have done a rough calculation as to the ultimate value of the case if they won, compared it to the cost of pursuing it, factored in the chances of success, and have concluded it's not worth pursuing.

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Thank you for your opinion on the is appreciated. You have hit the nail on the head by mentioning the cost of such a case. My fathers case is one that most likely will set a precedent towards the way the elderly are treated for cancer. There is no doubt of benefit far outweighing the cost. My experience has been a nightmare, speaking with secretaries with a general generic question sheet they seem to read from. I have found that due to a vulnerable economic climate the majority of attorney are literally scared to tackle such a case...I have a case of a lifetime for any attorney, I will now make the decisions who will get the case. Lets just say there is a cover up of epic proportions, to just mention a small factoid....cause of death on the death certificate was falsified. If there are any attorneys out there who can refer me to a skilled malpractice attorney in wilmington nc it would be not just appreciated but I'm sure very well worth your efforts. This case is no by no means emotionally driven nor motivated by the father was essentially killed by his own doctor, yes I'll say it again "my father was essentially killed by his doctor", thanks to those who have given their input, I will make sure to post the progress and eventual outcome of this horrific case of medical negligence that led to the early death of my 73 year old father, who by the way was a health educator for 25 plus years and in impecable health prior to becoming victim to a careless, heartless and pathetic excuse for a doctor and human being...whoops sorry but it's true. Thanks Again!

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