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Need an defense attorney

Independence, MO |

My son is facing several felony drug charges and we need a good criminal defense attorney. Are there any out there that are willing to take the case with a small retainer + payments as we don't have all monies to pay up front. Thank you.

Preferable in the Kansas City Mo metro area

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I'm sure one could work with you. The attorney will want something up front and some assurances that the rest can be paid. I would be happy to discuss that with you if you wish.

NEVER describe your facts in an online forum. I have CONFIRMED there is at least ONE county prosecutor that is a member of this site. My statements are my opinion solely based on the information provided, and that opinion can be wrong if your facts are different than what I believed them to be. If you have any further questions, you can contact me at 636-532-1400 or through my website


Give Attorney Caldwell a call.


It is wonderful that your son has parents who are willing to pay for his legal defense. HOWEVER, he is entitled to a court appointed attorney, free of charge, if he cannot afford to pay for a private attorney himself. All he has to do is ask. He will give basic income and expense information to the court and, chances are, he will qualify. I know you are afraid that a court appointed attorney might not be as good as a privately hired attorney. I encourage your son to take advantage of that free service, at least to the extent of meeting with that court-appointed lawyer. He may well find that he is appointed to someone who is extremely experienced, smart, and hard-working. If not, then you can try to hire someone better. If your son has a drug problem, he may need drug rehabilitation -- and that is NOT something that he is entitled to receive for free. It might be better to pay for his rehab if you cannot pay for both rehab and an attorney. It may be that his appointed lawyer is someone who primarily works as a privately hired attorney but who accepts some court appointments. One exception to my recommendation: he should get legal advice right away. If he has already been arrested or charged, he is entitled to that lawyer at this time. If he hasn't been charged yet, he would benefit from the advice of a privately-hired attorney. The court won't appoint a lawyer for him until he is arrested or charged. Tell your son not to talk about the case in any way with anybody except his attorney. If he goes to rehab, he also needs to know that he should not talk about his charges there. I know that this is an excruciating thing for your family. Good luck.

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