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Need an attorney to take over Los Angeles Superior Court Case BC452266 as law firm was raided by State Bar

La Quinta, CA |

This is a case against OneWest Bank, one of six filed by a law firm in Calabasas, CA;
complaint alleges six causes of action related to loans/foreclosure/loan modifications.
Case was apparently removed to Federal court; uncertain whether it was remanded back to state court; it is a mass joinder; my name has yet to be added to complaint.

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    Why would you want to voluntarily join a lawsuit which the California Attorney General is alleging is a foreclosure scam?

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  2. If the current lawyer handling the case is being investigated by the state bar, there is a possibility that the lawsuit that you want to be a part of is a frivolous lawsuit.

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  3. Mr. Chen has -- once again -- hit the nail on the head.

    It may also be worth saying that, if you are not a named party to the case, you are most definitely not in need of an attorney to take over the case.

    And, given the State Bar and Attorney General's present activities with respect to this case, it is extremely unlikely that any attorney would be willing or even allowed to step into the case at this point. Most likely the court will appoint counsel, but it's going to be a mess by any measure.

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