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Need a wrongful death attorney who is experienced with hospital negligence - to prevent this from happening to other families

Stockbridge, GA |

I have a well-documented situation where my mom was neglected and roughly-handled in a hospital. She died of pneumonia in the hospital, due to the hospital's rough-handling making her bed-ridden. She died within three weeks of going into the hospital. This hospital has a reputation for poor treatment of patients. My mom may be alive today if the workers did not mishandle her. She had multiple myeloma, a condition that erodes the bones from the inside making them brittle. The nurses and technicians jerked her around roughly and I could hear audible cracking of her bones. She screamed in pain and they ignored her and my requests to treat her a little easier. The doctors were also negligent, her doctor went on vacation and the fill-in doctors came in and kicked the can down the road.

I would like to see the hospital held accountable for their actions and make the appropriate adjustments.

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I am sorry about your mother. It sounds like she was neglected, abused, and treated horribly. Whether or not you have a strong legal case will take much more investigation, work, and evidence. As a starting point, I would strongly suggest that you obtain a copy of your mother's complete medical records from the hospital. These medical records often contain evidence of negligence and malpractice. Also, in Georgia you will need an expert physician to testify as to malpractice. The expert will need to review these records and the medical records of any other physician that has treated your mother.

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This is the type of case that justifies the application of higher damages than the law presently provides for. None the less, These folks need to pay the maximum amount the law allows and not be allowed to continue this behavior. The advice earlier provided is correct. If you are to have any chance at victory in such a case you must have the complete medical record and preparation made for the review of these records by a medical expert who will make or break the case as it goes forth intially, at least.

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