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Need a pro bono lawyer or cheap one in idaho ASAP!!

Blackfoot, ID |
Filed under: Criminal defense

My boyfriend is getting some major charges on him & is in the mental hospital then has to go straight to jail when he is released. Pls help he is looking at charges- fleeing an officer, aggravated assault, attempted second-degree kidnaping. Its all a long story between him & his ex. She is playing the poor me victim pls if you can help or need to talk to him to know, contact me pls don't judge without hearing his side. Thanks

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    Your boyfriend needs to apply for the services of the Public Defender. If he cannot at the prisent tiem, inquire at the court clerk's office regarding a procedure for applying on his behalf.

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  2. Your boyfriend may qualify for court-appointed counsel for his criminal matter. The judge should inquire during your boyfriend's initial appearance, whether he can afford an attorney. Your boyfriend will have to complete some paperwork and will then, likely, qualify for a public defender, which will represent him at the county's expense.

    It is almost unheard of for an attorney to perform "pro bono" defense in a criminal matter simply because of the public defender system an the Constitutions' (United States and Idaho) requirements regarding legal counsel at all critical stages of a criminal proceeding.

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