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Need a lawyer please help!

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Ive been trying to get help since Sat, with no luck. Since then, this situation has escalated. I will explain the entire situation to you & you can tell me if you can help. My ex kicked me & our kids out of his apt. My name was not on the lease but theirs were & I have custody. We now have nothing but the clothes on our backs & hes threatened to not give us our stuff & we cant get in. Ive been paying 1/2 the rent since we moved in & have proof. He had agreed to move out & took what little bit of items he had with him. Then out of anger & jelousy for me not taking him back he called the apt office & told them I was there & to get me out. He also made false alligations that I was doing drugs & had another man living there. The police escorted me off the property last Monday while ny kids were at school. My mom has had the kids since then. He did say he would let me go get some our stuff  on Christmas Eve but when I went a man threw papers at me when I looked at them they were modifications to our custody papers giving my ex primary instead of me & a temporary restraining order to not hide my son from him.  He does not own 1 single item in that apt. My kids are both on the lease & Ive had custody of them both. Theres only our items in it. All of the kids clothes & food. Also, the kids cat, which is going on the 3rd day with no food! My ex has a long history of family violence towards me which is on file. His brother molested our son a few years ago & I found out that he had him around him which is against the conviction found on him. Hes not allowed so many feet around children. So with that said, I am very scared to let him go. Can I get a restraining order against him & can I get a motion to vacate the apt? I was told he has to file a proper eviction on me.  I called cps & they have started an investigation on him but need to know what else I can do. About the restraining order, custody issue, & obtaining our property. I am on food stamps medicaid, etc. So I have no $. I am being bullied by him & the system because if anybody even bothered to look up his record, they would not have allowed him to do this. Its obsurd. Can u help me please?

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You definitely need the help of an attorney. I would contact the local bar association or law library to see if there are any legal aid clinics or lawyers who assist with cases such as yours.

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Unfortunately, this is a question and answer forum and no one can contact you from this cite. There is a find an attorney tab that will assist you finding an attorney. Or since you financial situation is strained maybe you should seek legal aid. I think there is a lone star legal aid office in San Antonio that provides free legal services to someone like yourself.

You have many legal issues that need to be addressed. Start with the TRO hearing and maybe call the police about the cat not being fed.


Erick Platten
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You need an attorney. Use attorney search on Avvo to find one .


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