Need a Adoption/Family Law/ACS Lawyer who goes to Suffolk County Court. Possible Illegal adoption. I have not bc per vital rec

Asked about 1 month ago - Riverhead, NY

.Simply put I was told I was adopted in 72. I never had a b/c. I have a copy of the original the agency mailed it to me. But, Surrogate Court- Suffolk County so far they can not produce a file. they need formal written consent to open records to look for an actual order. If they can find a file. I called acs who is having their legal department pull my foster records. my mom has been telling me that has me worried. They state declined her after her interview and home study and notified her she wouldn't get a child. now here I am 42 with no b/c and someones ss#

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  1. Lorraine Miguel Medeiros


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    Answered . Are you concerned that your adoptive parents did something illegally or that someone else that assisted them with the adoption did something illegal? It sounds like you are doing all of the correct steps in investigating what the truth is here. If you still would like to hire an attorney, there is a Find an Attorney search engine on this page that will provide a list of local attorneys in your area. You could also call or the Suffolk County bar association to assist you in finding an attorney. Best of luck to you.

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  2. David Ivan Bliven


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    Answered . As the subject child to the adoption, you can file a petition to unseal the adoption for purposes of obtaining the records within the file. The Court will likely direct notice be served on the parties thereto. Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab on this site to find a Family Law attorney in that area.

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