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These people called a relative if mind today telling them I was gonna be arrested left a voicemail on my cell stating same thing when they call it shows up Cleveland clinic star imaging when I answer the number changes. They sent me emails stating I have till friday to pay them or they are downoading my file to the district attorney I filed a complaint with Ohio attorney general and ftc they refuse to give me an address they said their lawyers but are a Ho green company I did not fall for their scam and called them and spoke to the same women with three different names i would like to know how to sue these people for violating all types of laws and causing my anxiety to go thru the roof not to mention calling relatives I dont even have phone numbers for.

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Scam. There is no debtor prison. Creditors can't arrest you. It's a scare tactic.

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Debtors prisons went away over a century ago. This is merely a scare tactic trying to get you to pay a debt, or is a complete scam. They have also violated several sections of the Fair Debt Collection Act by calling other people as well as threatening legal action (arrest and prosecution) that they simply have no power to do. Contact a lawyer to discuss your case.

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