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Do you know of any cases where someone has naturalized despite being convicted of a crime of moral turpitude that does not qualify as a petty offense exception? Thank you for your time.

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  1. It is necessary for your criminal records to be personally reviewed by an experienced immigration attorney, the filing of naturalization without doing so, could put you in removal proceedings.

  2. I agree with Attorney Rouselle.

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  3. Just because someone has a criminal history does not make them automatically ineligible to naturalize. However, if you have a crime involving moral turpitude, you should discuss your situation with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss the pros and cons of filing at this time. Furthermore, you should discuss your situation before departing the United States, as well. Oftentimes, certain crimes may not make you removable (deportable) from the United States but may make you inadmissible (ineligible for entry) to the United States. Furthermore, some crimes are interpreted differently in different federal circuit courts. For example, some crimes that make one removable or inadmissible in Texas may not make someone removable or inadmissible in California. It's best to sit down and evaluate your situation with a qualified immigration attorney.

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  4. It is possible to be naturalized if you have been convicted of a crime
    involving moral turpitude. However, your criminal and immigration
    histories must be reviewed together as a conviction for a CIMT can be a
    deportable offense in some instances. You don't want to provide USCIS
    with information they can use to deport you. Consult with an
    experienced immigration attorney prior to taking any action.

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