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Naturalization: Is returning the N-445 in order to reschedule an Oath Ceremony absolutely necessary?

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My husband was scheduled for his Oath Ceremony this coming Friday, October 26. However, due to an impromptu business trip, he will be out of the country for the next two weeks. I mailed a letter to the Baltimore Field Office stating this fact and requesting a reschedule on his behalf, however, I couldn't find the N-445 at the time, so, I sent the request without it. I finally found the letter this evening. My husband suggested just to mail everything again, but I wonder if that would delay the process even more (two requests to reschedule might set his Oath Ceremony really far in the future). So, is returning the N-445 imperative, or merely a formality? I would hate to delay his process even further just because we wanted to "make double sure."


I included husband's SSN, Alien # and the N400 receipt #, together with a copy of the Case Status search online. I thought this information should be sufficient, considering a basic search of the N400 receipt # in their system would serve to verify status, but I would be remiss not to follow the advice of expert attorneys, so I re-sent the letter (noted it was a duplicate request and included mailing information), together with the original N445. I considered an Infopass appointment, but I forgot to have my husband sign an Authorization letter, and I didn't want to take the time off work to go all the way to Baltimore only to be told that I can't be helped because I'm not the applicant / petitioner (he filed based on his own qualifications, not on marriage). Duplicate request sent via USPS Certified, guaranteed delivery by 10/25/12, together with: Original N445, Copy of previous letter with mailing details, Copy of husband's Resident Card, Copy of my US Passport and Copy of our Marriage Certificate.

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    You still have time to send the N-445 to USCIS via fedex (overnight delivery) and note that you previously neglected to send the N-445 and it is enclosed now. I suggest refiling if the prior request did not contain sufficient information to identify the case or was not sent by means to track the delivery. Be sure to include all of case information on the request--full name, date of birth, case number, A number, date/place of oath and when the applicant expects to be in the U.S. so that another date is not given while the applicant remains abroad. Also, indicate duplicate request in the heading and enclose a copy of your previous request that was sent without the N-445. In the alternative, the applicant can make an infopass appointment as suggested by another colleague.

    This response is limited to the facts as presented in the email above and should not be relied on as legal advice.

  2. I recommend that you make an infopass appointment and go to baltimore and explain the situation. you may be able to had in the N-445 to be placed in the file.

  3. I agree with my colleagues.

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  4. Yes. Get that filed asap. Call me any time for further details. 301 279 8773

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