N need a laywer that will do pro bono or work with me on a payment plan My ex husband is trying to get custody of our child

Asked about 2 years ago - Gulf Breeze, FL

through bogus child abuse charges. I need help he has a lot of money and I have little. He didnt even put support in yet and he always pays before the 30th I had automatic withdrawls on the 30th which now has my account over drawn. I would like to charge him for legal fees

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I went trough legal services and they had my paper work for two weeks and contacted me yesterday and told me that cant take my case because they are low on resources and understaffed I have until this wed to answer a summons.....need help badly

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  1. Andrew G. Storie

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    Answered . It is highly unlikely that you will be able to hire an attorney before the Wednesday deadline to file your answer. In order to protect yourself, go in person to the Clerk of the Court and ask for a blank Answer form. Admit was is true and you agree with, Deny what is not true or you do not agree with. File the original with the clerk, mail a copy to your ex husband (or soon to be ex husband) and keep a copy for yourself. Do this no later than Wednesday to protect yourself. This will buy you time to find an attorney in your area willing to work with you on payments. Good Luck

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  2. Robert Jason De Groot


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    Answered . Perhaps you can find an attorney for monthly or weekly payments. Pro bono means for free. How much can you reasonably afford to pay. Keep in mind that the going rate for a contested case is about 3500, depending upon where you are, and the possibility of getting something. Is it a divorce or paternity?

  3. William Charles Rosenfelt

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    Answered . You are wise to seek the services of an attorney. It's difficult to find one on a pro bono basis. Unfortunately, you have not provided much information concerning your case. For example, it is not clear what type of legal proceeding that you are involved with. It is much easier to gauge expenses if I know exactly what is pending and before the court. Perhaps you could share that with us? Also, I work with people on a payment plan basis provided that they have some reliable source of income. This allows me to represent clients that might not otherwise be able to afford an attorney.

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