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N-336 vs re-applying N-400? If N-400 is denied, how long do I have to wait?

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My mother applied for citizenship back in September 2011. She got fingerprinted and left the States in October 2011. Then she came back on January 2012 for her first interview which she failed (lack of English skills), and then she came back again on March 2012 for her 2nd interview, but failed for the same reason.

I know it'd be best to stay in States and reapply N-400, get her citizenship and leave, but she is not in a place where she could wait in States for her citizenship at the moment.

So I'm guessing she has two options:
1) Apply for an N-336 hearing, get passed and get it done; or
2) Apply for N-400 again.

To apply for N-336, especially when she failed because of her English skill, how could she prepare for the hearing, and how long would be the processing time?

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  1. I think you would be wasting mom’s time appealing her denial. How can you prove USCIS was wrong about her lack of English skills?

  2. The N-336 should only be filed if you can overcome the reasons for the denial at the N-400 interview. Given that your mother was unable to pass the English test after two attempts and having lived in the US for a minimum of three years, it is unlikely that she would be able to overcome the reasons for the denial, particularly if she is constantly traveling to her country of origin.

    How can she prepare? By studying English.

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  3. N-400 again is the only option based on the facts you present.

  4. Why are you appealing the denial? That is what the N-336 is. She should brush up on her English if she does not qualify for the waiver of English, and then apply for Naturalization again.

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