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My workers comp Adjuster hired a independent NURSE CASE MANGER to come with me to my doctors visit. Should i let go in with me.

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I been on workers comp for about 4 months now, I have a broken bone on my knuckle in my right hand and messed up ligaments and a ganglion cyst on my left hand.. The cat scan showed a buldging disc in my back, but the Mri showed it wasnt surgical.. I have numbness in my leg, I have alot of soreness in my back all the time. I am going for a emg test on the 17th and my work comp guy hired a independent nurse case manager to go to the doctors office with me.. Should i let her come in with me in the room? They are also sending me on august 1st for a INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXAM.. what should i do..please help..this is my first issue with dealing with work comp..

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You must permit her to accompany you. You have the right to spend as much time as you need with the doctor, alone, before the nurse case manager comes in. Most state laws prevent your employer from directly communicating with your physician. The nurse case manager will ask her questions of your doctor in front of you and you will know exactly what responses your doctor is providing. This is a good thing. The nurse case manager reports back to the case adjuster to provide insight on your condition.

You have NOT told us what happened to you. You should discuss your case with an experienced WC attorney ASAP to protect your interests. Good luck.

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the ladder broke at work and i fell...thats how the injury happened

Charles Joseph Michael Candiano

Charles Joseph Michael Candiano


It is important that your medical records memorialize ALL of the injuries that you sustained as a result of the fall. Make sure that your doctor does this and that he/she does NOT take the position that they "have no opinion as to hoe you were injured, they are simply treating your injuries." You want a doctor who will advocate for you.


It sounds as if the adjuster is setting it up to cut off your benefits. You must show up for the "independent" medical exam. However, it will NOT be independent. It will be bought and paid for by the insurance company. The nurse case manager is also hired by the insurance company. You do not have to allow her be in your EMG appointment with you. You have a right of privacy with your doctor.

It looks as if you are headed into stormy seas on your workers compensation coverage. I suggest you consult an attorney experienced in workers compensation claims. Michigan has recently made the law much more favorable for employers and their insurers. You need someone on your side. Good luck.


90% of the time, nurse case managers are nothing more than spies for the insurance company. You probably don't have the power to fire her but if you get an attorney, that attorney can fire the ncm or find you one of the 10% good ones. Get an attorneey.

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