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My wifes 15 yr. old child is a ward of the state of mi. he has been awarded temp. custody to his father in minesota.

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My wifes 15 yr. old son who suffers form BI-POLAR, ADHD and is a ward of the state of mi. and is in a state redidential facility. a judge awarded a temporary 6 month trail custody to his father in minesota. the boy draws soc. sec. for his disability. the father is also on disability soc.sec, himself. question is can the boys father go after his mother for child support if the boy is a ward of the state of mi. while he ( the boys dad) resides in minesota. the boys mother is not presently ordered to pay childsupport to any entity. and if the reunification between the father and the boy doesnt work out the boy will be brought back to michigan. because mi. has jurisdiction over the boys welfare. can the father petition for child support?

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  1. I do not know what Minesota law is concerning child support. In Michigan, if a child is in the custody of a third person (in this case the State of MI), child support can be ordered, but it would have to be paid to the third party. In Michigan, the husband could not petition for support until he actually has custody and the child is living with him or there is joint parenting time with Mom. I do not understand why the Court in Minesota would have entered a custody order if the child lives in Michgian, unless, the first order concerning the child was entered there.

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