My wife was charged with a simple battery or i think it was a assault 10 years ago in ga, now that we have moved

back to ga she cannot get a job as acna because the incident is on file, how can she get it removed or seal so she can continue to work

Gainesville, GA -

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James H. Wall

James H. Wall

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lawrenceville, GA

I need some more information about your wife's case before I can give you a solid answer. However, charges can be removed from a person's criminal history (called "expungement") only if the person applies to have the incident expunged. In order for this to happen the case must have been dismissed. Several other requirements apply so you should check with a lawyer for some help with this.

We do this a lot so feel free to give us a call. We are in the Buford area and do a lot of work in Hall County. Before meeting with an attorney about this you should have your wife get an official copy of her criminal history (from any police or sheriff's department) and a copy, if possible, of the disposition in the original case.

Good luck! Jim

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