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My wife signed a blank check of hers and gave it to me. I later filled in the amount and cashed the check. she filed forgery ch

Dallas, GA |

She filed forgery charges against me. How would this be forgery if the check was blank but she signed it.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It does not sound like forgery because her signature was authentic.

    Have you been arrested? If so, hire a criminal defense lawyer and do not speak to the police without your counsel.

  2. Whether this could rise to "forgery" is going to depend on the forgery statute in Georgia however this does not sound like forgery. I suppose my question is why your wife filed a police report against you? Are you in the middle of a divorce? If so, this is something you need to speak with your divorce lawyer about immediately. Additionally, if you have been arrested and charged for this you need to find a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Good luck.

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