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My wife sells her food stamps for drugs, money.

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my soon to be ex wife sells her foods stamps on occasion for drugs and she also buys food for her grown son and her ex husband with them. she once had her other two minor kids taken away from her by DHR for a year because of drug abuse. how can I inform the food stamp office about this and can I get her drug tested by DHR. Granted I don't think she is using them for drugs anymore but Im not sure she lied to me the whole time I was with her. am I wrong for doing this? and can I get the information from DHR about them taking the kids away? they are not mine but we are still married and was married at the time they took them. I need it for my divorce. want to let the judge know about it because she took a peace bond out on me claiming abuse to the kids when she is the abuser when DHR said so.

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Wife in one place and ex-wife in another. Concerned about, make a phone call. Why not repost this under divorce

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You should report the misuse of governmental benefits because it is the right thing to do--not to get leverage in a divorce proceeding.

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