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My wife says that if we get a divorce that i will pay lots of child support and she works and i'm a stay at home dad and college

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I lost my job in 2008, and i work a part- time job that pays $480.00 a mouth, and i watch our child all day and take her to and from school and clean the house, i also attend college. My wife work 40hr + and makes $19.00 an hr. My wife expects me to pay several bills each month and buy food, but she will not help me with any gas money for transportation of our child or expenses to take of as vehicle has no heat or ac and she doesn't care to help fix for our child. when i get my student moneys she wants it, but i use it to live and pay my child support. i am failing school, because she never allows me time to study, and if i say anything she threaten to quit her job and go on welfare. she will not even help me with auto insurance. she said i would lose my ass in court. men do

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  1. First of all, don't always believe it when someone tells you that men always lose in court.
    I would suggest not listening to her legal advice and calling a professional to get their advice.
    It is possible that she could end up being the one paying child support while you continue raising your child and attending school.
    Seek legal help as soon as possible and get the "real" story.

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