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My wife is in jail for felony probation violation in Gwinnett County. How long before she sees a judge or released.

Norcross, GA |
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She hasn 't reported since Jan. that is her violation. She has MS and also had a stroke. We have a special needs child at home. I am really confused i cant find answers anywhere. Please respond.
This is her first violation, her original charge is theft by taking. Would it help for me to call her probation officer?


Attorney Answers 2

  1. She is probably is on an upcoming probation docket. That could be a while. Also, her probation officer may see her and try to have her sign a consent for a revocation of a certain period of time. What you need to speed things up is to have a lawyer file for a probation bond. At the very least, a lawyer can talk to the probation officer and the ada to see what the state is looking for.

  2. If you can afford an attorney I suggest that you do so. There is not a time frame in which a probationer who has been alleged to have violated their probation has to brought before the court. Although most courts in metro Atlanta will do so within 60-90 days there is nothing that mandates this happen. If you have an attorney who is familiar with the county and judge who originally sentenced the probationer, that can help speed up the process in getting the probationer into court. If you have more questions or concerns or need further guidance, feel free to contact me. With regards,

    P. Darrell Kimbrell

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