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My wife is being held for a fugitive warrant in N . Y for a warrant 12 years old what can I do ?

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The warrant is from C . T is from 2000 it was for a bottle of pills but I was hers . Her name was on the bottle . She is being held in Riker island for 60 days now . What can I do to take her out I need a good lawyer whit experience in this kind of cases

She is being held for a Foa 900 00zt but this warrant is 12 years old how long they can keep her

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  1. Your question is not clear. If there is a fugitive warrant from another state the case must be dealt with. An attorney could reach out to the prosecutor in the requesting state to see if they would agree to a bail package. If not, they can try to expedite her return to the requesting state in order to speed up the resolution of the case. Good luck.

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  2. If she is being held on an extradition warrant it is unlikely a judge will set bail. You should hire a criminal defense lawyer to expedite things. I had a similiar situation with someone held in Florida on a New Jersey warrant and convinced them not to extradite and release my client.

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  3. You should retain a good criminal lawyer, there are many on Avvo in your area. The court can hold her up to 90 days on an extradition warrant and most states do not extradite on misdemeanors but they do on felonies. Your lawyer will advise you as to whether you should waive extradition or hope that they will not extradite her and she will be released after 90 days. She should surrender to the court and clear up the matter or she will have this problem again.

  4. Generally, the demanding state must lodge a governor's warrant within 90 days of her incarceration or is to be released, not immunizing her from future extradition, but allowing her to be released. There are variables. Please seek counsel.

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