My wife is a nonimmigrant alien sponsored by her employer. Do I need to change that status with immigrations

I married a girl from another country who is being sponsored by her employer. Now that we married do my wife have to remain under her employer sponsorship.

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Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

It depends. If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you can petition her and she can file for adjustment of status. As the wife of a U.S. Citizen, she is eligible for an immediate visa. This means that she does not have to rely upon an employer's petition at this point.

The process of obtaining conditional and later permanent resident status through marriage can get complicated. Your family should seek an appointment with an experienced immigration attorney for further assistance with the petition process.

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Lamar Peckham

Lamar Peckham

Immigration Attorney - Santa Rosa, CA

If you are a US citizen, married to a foreign national who is in the US on a non-immigrant visa, you should apply for her permanent resident status.

The most favored category under US immigration law is immediate relatives of US citizens, which your wife appears to be. Adjustment of status may be available and relatively straightforward. Contact an immigration attorney right away.

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