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My wife has signed the I-751 but now she is threatening me that she will not attend the interview

Irving, TX |

I filed my I-751 three days ago and my wife signed it and now she has turned crazy, she says i married her for a green card and she wont attend the interview until i give her a said amount. What are my options here?

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  1. You should consult an immigration attorney right away. There are limited exceptions to not having a spouse at the interview for the I-751.

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  2. Actually, the solution is not so complicated. You can get a divorce and petition for yourself. Of course there are a few more details, but a lawyer can help you with that.

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  3. Just wait a little longer and see. Maybe wife is going through a hard time physiologically or psychologically? (women minds and bodies are much more complex than men's..) ask your wife what is REALLY wrong and if you truly love her (and did not just marry her for the green card) show your emotional support to her by being very attentive and sweet.. Maybe the "storm" will eventually pass that way, soon.. In any event, given that you filed the I-751together, if you included adequate documentary evidence proving the good faith of your marriage and lives together as a couple, chances are great for there not to be another interview. They're only interviews I-751s when there is a suspicion that it is not genuine marriage, and especially when divorced foreign national files the I-751 alone, as a waiver, which is not your case. Don't panic, remain patient, all might not be lost (read a book about women and what their bodies (and minds) go through..

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  4. You should consult an attorney immediately. This issue with your wife may blow over or it may not, but I do not recommend that you wait and see, especially if you think she is truly serious...

  5. Try to reconcile and perhaps attend marriage counseling. As a last resort you can always get divorced and file an amended waiver application instead of a joint condition of removal, and apply on your own. Of course, the ultimate burden does rest on you to show that from the inception of the marriage, you married her for the right reasons not for your papers only. Good luck.

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