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My wife filed for a divorce ,do i have to show up in court?

Woodland Hills, CA |

we are separated for 10 years

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Yes, and you would be smart to file and have your Response served to her Petition within 30 days of the date when you were served. Otherwise, you might discover some unwelcome surprises. You would best retain an experienced Family Law Attorney to advuse abd represent you in the divorce.

Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on, as each situation is fact specific, and it is not possible to evaluate a legal problem without a comprehensive consultation and review of all the facts and court pleadings filed in the case. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.


You don't have to appear in court unless there's a hearing scheduled although you do have to file a response to the Petition and serve your response in a timely manner. I would suggest consulting with a local lawyer as to how to proceed.


Thank you for your question.

To the extent there is a hearing, it is in your best interests to show up in court. If you have been served with a Summon and/or Complaint then it is likely in your best interests to respond within 30 days. To the extent you do not show up or respond to paperwork, the court may make orders or grant relief in your absence.

It is also in your best interests to confer with a knowledgeable Family Law Attorney who can sit down with you and help you strategize your response or let you know the ramifications of not responding or showing up based on the relief that has been requested. The fact that you have been separated 10 years may be a very significant factor in what relief your and your ex are entitled to, which is why you may need to discuss the situation with a Family Law Attorney who is able to review your paperwork and discuss your situaiton with you.

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Not unless there is an order that you show up. If you don't know if there is an order you need to show up. Nevertheless, it is in your best interest to show to any and all hearings to help avoid having orders made that your don't agree with.

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