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My wife at the age 0f 22 and my child at the age of 1 month have entered to united states without inspection and be caught by bo

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border wife lied to them saying she was from honduras and they gave her a paper for her to attend a court she didnt show up.was my child deported on abscence like her mom? cause i know she had a order of deportation on her abscense? thanks

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You didn't say anything about your status.

This could be a big problem ... talk to an attorney.

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i have a work permit by order of supervision

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


Great. Talk to an attorney ... there are many low-cost attorneys available in your area.



Unfortunately, yes, it is possible that your child may have been ordered deported in absentia if she also was placed in immigration court proceedings. Usually, children who are caught together with their parents also are issued notices to appear for court together with the parent(s).

I agree with the advice of my colleague that this is a matter needing legal attention. There are several good immigration attorneys in the Atlanta area, as well as some non-profit organizations with attorneys on staff. For assistance locating them, you can look here on Avvo, at, or

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just one more question to be clear if my child has order of deportation , will she elegible for deferred action since she is being here since 2005 and she is 7 yrs old, she is in school,

Jennifer Doerrie

Jennifer Doerrie


*Possibly* The current deferred action for which applications start on August 15 has a minimum age requirement of 15 years. However, for persons younger than 15 years who are in court proceedings, it may be possible to obtain deferred action. That is one of many reasons why it is important that you get good legal counsel to try to resolve your daughter's situation.


You should contact an immigration attorney right away to discuss the matter.

Depending on how long ago the order of deportation was entered, there may be limited options available to reopen the case, but depending on your status there may be things that can be done. It is possible that there would be more options for your child than for your wife. Speak with an immigration attorney right away. They can review all of the details of your case and advise you how to proceed.

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The answer really depends on when and why your wife failed to appear in Immigration Court. It's tough to make a recommendaton on that issue without knowing more facts. If your son was not named in the removal proceedings, he was not ordered removed. You don't mention your status. Are you a U.S. citizen? If so, your child may have U.S. citizenship. An immigration attorney whould be able to asssist you in regard to the above issues.

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