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My wife and kids make a trip to mexico when i come back she dont want, my kids watn back but she use a lot excuses.

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3 months ago me and my family make a trip to mexico,when i come back my wife dont want, she stay to my 3 kids, my kids want back but she use a lot excuses and lies inclusive a mental hostage, my parents said , my kids no looking good,i think she menace,i not give hem permise for maintain my kids, cant i do something for bring my kids back?

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If your children resided, here in California, for six months before they went to Mexico, and have now been in Mexico, for only three months, you can file for Divorce/Paternity, along with an Order to Show Cause, and request sole legal and sole physical custody, and an order that they be returned to California.
If you wait beyond 6 months, then California will no longer have the power to make orders regarding your children.

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You will want to consult with a local child custody attorney. There are many issues that need to be covered. Generally, one can file legal papers with the court and make a request for an order. You need to try and get in front of a judge so a court order will be in place. The police can enforce court orders, but if there is no court order, it is very difficult to get custody.

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