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My wife and I have decided to get divorced. We agree and would like an uncontested divorce.

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We have 2 kids and 2 houses (none of the houses have any equity or very little at the moment.) Realistically, how much will an uncontested divorce cost? Do you know how much additional court fees would be in OC?

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"Uncontested" divorces vary on the attorney doing them (and I do suggest that one of you hire an attorney) and the property that needs to be divided. If there is actually no disagreement on any issue, you should expect an experienced attorney to charge at a minimum of $2500 to get this done. Some might charge more but that is their prerogative. But, whatever you do, I highly suggest that one of you hire an attorney. Also, please note that an attorney can only represent one party but if you find the right one, they will make the process go smoothly and make sure they act ethically. But, by all means, don't trust a paralegal to do this as legal decisions will need to be made and paralegals are prohibited from making legal decisions. Court fees for Orange County are posted on their court website.

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I agree with Mr. Benton. There are ways to avoid both parties paying the $435 initial filing fee, and you need to take steps to ensure there are no issues later. The exact cost will depend on whether unforeseen issues arise and whether retirement accounts need to be divided that would require a QDRO or DRO. I offer a free initial consultation where we could discuss the matter further. For further information, visit

Since legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent legal counsel.

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I have agreed with the first two answers. There is no way to know how much another attorney will charge you for an uncontested divorce. However, if you are in full agreement a flat fee arrangement should be doable. I have clauses for flat fee and hourly should the process become contested. Take advantage of initial free consults and keep the communication open with your spouse, soon to be ex-spouse. If you can decide every issue it could go smoothly on a flat fee basis but I do recommend hiring an attorney so that there are no mistakes that can become costly.

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