My wife and I have been legally separated for 2 years and she now wants a portion of my military retirement. Is this possible.

Asked about 2 years ago - Tacoma, WA

We have been married 5 years and in the legal separation agreement she did not put military retirement in it. I am going to file for divorce soon. Is the separation decree set in stone.

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    Answered . I recommend a consultation with a family attorney in your area. Avvo has a great attorney directory.

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    Answered . I can only make some general comments which aren't legal advice, since I don't practice law in Washington or hold licensure there, but if memory serves, Washington is a community property state. Just applying general principles of law, to the extent someone was accruing retirement benefits during a marriage in a community property state, it seems likely to me that the person's spouse has a claim on some portion of the retirement as an asset of the community. But the extent of that claim is something which needs to be evaluated by a lawyer who handles divorces in Washington and is knowledgeable about dividing military pensions, qualified domestic relations orders, and related matters. You should consult such a lawyer.

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    Answered . You should post this question in the divorce/family law forum. Divorce laws differ in every state but, in general, unless she can prove some form of "duress" the separation agreement is a legal binding contract.

  4. Answered . Yes.

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    Answered . You'll need to have your attorney review the agreement. As mentioned by Mr, Cassara, state laws vary, and also nobody can interpret the separation agreement without reading it.

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