My wife and I entered into a pre-nuptial when we got married in my home country. Is that pre-nuptial valid in the US?

Asked over 2 years ago - Orange, NJ

My wife and I entered into a pre-nuptial and married in India before we become Permanent Residents of the US. We are now heading for a divorce and I would like to know if (a) can either one of us approach the US court for divorce and (b) will the pre-nuptial entered in India be valid in the US, as after all that was the basis of our marriage. Thanks.

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    Answered . If you have been residing in this state for at least one year prior to filing your complaint for divorce, you will have the right to get divorced here even if you are not a permanent resident by technical terms. We would want to have the prenupt translated so that the US court would have the ability to examine it in detail. I have had many cases where prenupts in other countries were upheld in the US. Naturally, the terms of thee prenupt will have to be conscionable and other factors will have to be met. For a free consultation to talk about your matter specifically, call 973-520-8822 and one of our family lawyers (that's all we do) can look at your documents and discuss how to proceed.

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    Answered . The pre-nuptial will certainly be evidence. If the parties are not in agreement as to it's validity, the court will hear testimony as to the circumstances surrounding the creation of the agreement, evaluate the agreement for fairness, validity, relevance, etc and make a final decision after hearing all the facts.

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  3. Answered . Generally, when a document is executed in compliance with the law in the jurisdiction it was executed in, it will be recognized in New Jersey. But pre-nuptial agreements in NJ can easily be attacked if the terms of the agreement are unconscionable - meaning so unfair that the court will not enforce the terms. This is especially true if the economic terms of the agreement would place one spouse into poverty or have a significant detriment to children of the marriage. You should see an experienced family lawyer to review the agreement with you.

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