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My visa expried but my OPT still active. Is I am eligible to get new I-20 to stay on status.

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I cam to usa 2007 and my visa got expried but my OPT still in active status and this will expries on Dec -2012. So, what are the ways to stay hear after Dec. Please advise me. I am married and my wife also in f1 visa. Please advise me.

I talk to one of School DSO and he says he can able to provide the new 1-20 but he also syas you need to go to home country to recive the new visa. My question is I am saty in leagal status, with new school I20 and expried visa??

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  1. Talk to your foreign student adviser ... you are probably still fine .. the visa in the passport isn't as important as the I-94 & I-20

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  2. You will need to ask your DSO whether you can get an new I-20. Otherwise, your only option is to change status to F-2

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  3. With valid OPT you should have a valid status to be engaged in OPT related work. Depending on your school's agreement, you may need to get enrolled in a new school or just get new I-20.

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