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My van was towed off property without warning is that illegal and i was reading according to California vc must be given 96 ...

Rancho Cordova, CA |

hour notice is that true or not vehicle code is 22658 the towing company said it can do whatever it wants since it has a contract with housing authority but housing authority is not government only funded by government

Attorney Answers 3

  1. This sounds like a housing code or even landlord tenant issue, definitely not criminal defense. Try posting this under housing code or code enforcement. There is a group of attorneys who would be experts on this. In Los Angeles, I would put you in contact with Tomas Lopez, Esq.

    However, if there is a search warrant for you van, that is certainly a different story and is a criminal defense issue. I understand this is not the situation.

  2. This is not a criminal defense question. Where it says practice area put in code enforcement. You can repost this question. Good luck. Hope this helps?

  3. Mr. Hill is correct. This is a housing issue- not traffic ticket matter.